Pretty in Pink

We were both heartbroken and inspired by the story of 26-year-old Meghan Franz. In early October of 2015, Meghan was diagnosed with breast cancer. Recently engaged and determined to have her blonde locks for her wedding, Meghan and her fiance John decided to put their special day on a fast track for October 31st. Meghan was referred to talented photographer and friend of Mt. Lebanon Floral, Sasha Danielle to be her wedding photographer. Sasha graciously agreed to the wedding and one better: a special boudoir shoot for a very special bride, free of charge. After sharing her ideas for this shoot with us, we didn’t hesitate to make a floral donation. In the spirit of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and in honor of Meghan, we centered each piece around lush pink roses. For the shoot, we fashioned thick garlands, a bridal bouquet and head wreath for Meghan to model, and we were overwhelmed by her beauty, strength and sparkling personality that was captured in each photo. We wish all the best to Meghan and John as they join the battle against breast cancer. May your love for each other bring you strength in the challenging months ahead.

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