National Legalization of Gay Marriage

  Since the Pennsylvania legalization in July of 2014, Mt. Lebanon Floral has welcomed same-sex couples into our business with open arms. With three same-sex weddings already under our belt, we are so very excited to pursue this new market, and participate in the making of history.  Mt. Lebanon Floral is proud to be able to connect to these recent events on a personal level through our very own Paul Cavalero.  Paul and his husband Doug were married by Mayor Peduto on June 15th of 2014 following the Pennsylvania ruling, and in the midst of Gay Pride Week in downtown Pittsburgh.  In true Mt. Lebanon Floral fashion, Paul made floral leis for the two of them to wear for their service.  Paul and Doug were third to be married in a group of 19 same-sex couples.  Having been publicly together for 24 years prior to their marriage, both Paul and Doug feel that the officialism of their relationship has brought them closer.  When asked if they considered themselves to be activists, the answer was yes and no: No, they are not active participants in prides or protests (though they have attended them), but they are activists in the sense that they have always lived honestly and openly in their relationship with each other and their loved ones.  Doug referred to their wedding ceremony as “inadvertent activism” in that it was purposeful, but not for the goal of making a statement, rather to simply take part in something historic and previously unimaginable, and to finally solidify their relationship in the eyes of the state.  Both Paul and Carmel are elated by the opportunity to support other same-sex couples as they prepare for their own weddings, and relish in the positive change that is sure to come from this legislation.  Paul expressed his pride for the business, saying, “Mt. Lebanon Floral is at the vanguard of this new market.  Carmel doesn’t turn anyone away”.  At Mt. Lebanon Floral, we believe that every couple has the right to celebrate their love and unity through marriage, and we are happy to provide our services in order to make the recognition of all types of love a uniquely beautiful occasion.

By Abby Palmieri

Paul & Doug

Paul Wedding Picture (2)   _20140615_123708

Paul Wedding Picture (1)

Maura & Olivia

These two ladies stole our hearts, and we are so happy to have been a part of their special day.  Maura and Olivia were married in front of their family and friends in the Tent at Schenley Plaza, conducted by Reverend Scott Rudolf of the UU Church of the North Hills.  The reception was held at The Porch at Schenley.  These beautiful photos are courtesy of Dave Issod, the photographer for the event. We wish all the best to these two in their new lives together!

Formals-Portraits-124    Formals-Portraits-115  Ceremony-153   Formals-Portraits-84

Victor & Jeff

One of our all time favorite weddings took place at Unitarian Universalist Church between Victor and Jeff.  They were married during an intimate gathering with their family and friends.  The event was catered by Rania’s Catering and we were so happy to be included in this beautiful evening.  We look forward to more beautiful weddings like this! Congratulations gentlemen!

Jeff & Victor   Jeff & Victor Parents   Jeff & Victor Cake   Jeff, Victor & friends