Intrigued Experience – Carmel reveals her secrets for creating floral costuming

This February, 94 designers from across the globe will come together for a sold out teaching convention called Intrigued Experience, which will take place in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Among them is our very own Carmel Vandale to demonstrate her own techniques for creating floral costuming. The three day session begins with an open forum in which examples of Carmel’s work will be modeled and she will discuss her creative process and how she was introduced to the world of costuming. The following days will be comprised of classes in which Carmel and the other featured designers will break down their techniques and guide attendees in the making of their own replications of a modeled piece. One of the things that will be highlighted in Carmel’s classes is the longevity and broad potential of each piece. Many of the designs used in photo shoots for Mt. Lebanon Floral have been able to be used in multiple shoots to accomplish a variety of looks and themes. The right materials will hold their beauty even as they age, which is something unique to this area of floral design. Carmel has been engineering floral costume pieces for years, and is excited to be able to share her mastery with others, as well as embrace the opportunity to see old friends in the business such as Francois, and make new connections with creatives like Magnolia Rouge. Designers grow from engaging with other designers, and Intrigued Experience is an excellent way to proliferate this concept.

For anyone not clear on what “floral costuming” entails, below are some images from recent shoots Mt. Lebanon Floral has done, featuring pieces that have been used in multiple shoots.