June Photo Shoot with Mandy Fierens

In another spur-of-the-moment photo shoot, Carmel and photographer Mandy Fierens displayed their creative compatibility in a showcase of wearable art of an organic and primal nature. The photo shoot took place in a rented studio that included a wardrobe from which they could pull clothing that complemented the theme of the shoot. Both Mandy and Carmel love fashion shoots, and Mandy enjoyed the chance to use some interesting techniques, such as prism photography, in order to capture these beautiful images. Mandy encouraged Carmel to follow her heart in the creation of the floral headdresses and spirit stick. The urban studio setting provided the perfect contrast to the natural elements of the floral couture Carmel designed, all of which was brought to life by the lovely Aubrey Borowitz, a model with whom Carmel has done several other shoots. Without much planning, these three talents were able to pool their energy in order to compose an awesome work of art.


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Sasha Danielle Photo Shoot

 In my experience, the best results are born out of spontaneity and creativity.  The opportunity to participate in this shoot with Sasha Danielle came to me during a weekend of four weddings, so I was reluctant to accept the offer, but I am ever so thankful that I did. The best part about this shoot was the creative license I was given to express my style. The idea of a boudoir opened up so many possibilities for shape and contour, and I was able to do my best work without stipulations. This is also true for any of the weddings Mt. Lebanon Floral takes on. I always say that Pinterest is both a blessing and a curse: a blessing for the infinite inspiration it provides, and a curse for the lack of reality it often conveys. Any artist will tell you that it is only with freedom that great products can be created, and floral work is no exception. I am so pleased with this shoot and all the people involved in making it happen, and I am thankful to the amazing Sasha Danielle for allowing me to add my own contribution to her stunning photos.


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