Bouquet of the Day

The Bouquet of the Day started rather organically: a way for Carmel to showcase new product, whether it be from across the country, across the world, or most commonly from our local growers. Each day, Carmel would feature a picture of a bouquet on the Mt. Lebanon Floral Instagram account. As the posts became more and more popular, the campaign expanded to invite others to come to the shop and work with Carmel to create their own masterpiece with our featured flowers. The prediction was that other floral designers would take this as a cooperative, learning, and friendship building experience between their shops and Mt. Lebanon Floral. There was, however, an overwhelming response from models and photographers, and very little interest among designers. In this way, the Bouquet of the Day campaign evolved into a kind of workshop for those unfamiliar with the art of floral design, and this new target had different, but equally exciting merits. Carmel has said that each person who came in attacked their bouquet in a different way, and the experience became a character study in the way that she could see how the product and experience was interpreted by each guest. The first to visit us was Stephanie De Felice, a model who has worked with Carmel (she is featured on our home page) and has become a great friend of Mt. Lebanon Floral. When making her bouquet, Steph was independent and confident, and it lead to the creation of one of the best bouquets. Some participants stayed only long enough to make their floral arrangement and left shortly after, while others, such as photographer, model, and friend Mandy Fierenz, loved the experience so much she stayed the whole day with us, and decided to come back for more! One of the most interesting observations was that our very own Mt. Lebanon Floral employees had the most difficulty with their arrangements. As one such employee, I was so excited and overwhelmed by the freedom and extravagance available to me that I didn’t know where to begin! The bouquet of the day campaign turned out to be a wonderful experience for all who participated, and an important time for Mt. Lebanon Floral to be able to inform our partners and patrons that we have an open door policy, always wanting to make our visitors feel welcome and “in the know” about all things flowers. We believe that strong business relationships are built through transparency and inclusion in all facets of our work. We are ever so thankful to all of our lovely guests for accepting our challenge and rising above and beyond it. It is because of events like this that I can say I truly love my job, and am proud to help in the spread of floral beauty that occurs at Mt Lebanon Floral.

By Abby Palmieri, age 17
Floral Assistant and Salesperson at Mt. Lebanon Floral