Bouquet of the Day with Jay

Mt. Lebanon Floral is always looking for opportunities to share what we love with others. Jay Lioon from VinoGlam reached out to us when she sent a beautifully decorated wine glass as a thank you for all the arrangements we had made for her from her husband over the years.  Jay and her husband met just down the street from us when they both worked at Il Pizziolo, so we feel a special connection to their love story. Wine is the way to our hearts, so we responded to Jay’s gift by inviting her to make her very own bouquet at the shop…and she rocked it! Jay chose a dark & moody theme for her arrangement, and we couldn’t be more proud of her natural skill in arranging. Thank you, Jay, for letting us be a part of your happily ever after. We loved meeting and working with you!

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Check out Jay’s handpainted custom glassware at