A Truly Intrigued Experience

At the end of February, Carmel had the honor of participating in an event called “Intrigued Experience” in the Chesapeake Bay area. The premise of this event was to bring together floral designers from around the country and even the world to form a community of teaching, learning, and fresh inspiration. Carmel was blown away by the detail and planning that went in to creating this gathering of “flower people”, and loved the openness of the setting, which allowed artists and students to relax, hang out, and make lasting connections, like those with Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme, and Beth of Mayesh Wholesale. Carmel’s love of teaching was revitalized by the energy and enthusiasm of her classes, and was so pleased to see her floral belts worn at dinner by some of her students. To her, it was interesting to see the variety of results that can come from a group of people given the exact same materials. In her past life, Carmel has taught in locations around Pittsburgh, like Phipps Conservatory in Oakland, and hopes that this experience will get her refocused on sharing her expertise with others…a journey that will be taking her to the U.S. Virgin Islands for another conference this summer (more on that soon!). Here at Mt. Lebanon Floral, we cherish the opportunity to share floral beauty with anyone who walks through our doors, and we can’t thank Sara Campbell and her team enough for proliferating that idea with Intrigued Experience.