Sunlight Studio is Open for Business!

Our dear friend and favorite photographer Heather Tabacchi has teamed up with make-up artist Candice Cortes to open Sunlight Studio in the South Side of Pittsburgh, and we couldn’t be happier for them! Carmel and Heather have been collaborating on photo shoots for years, and everyone at Mt. Lebanon Floral is excited to see Heather take this next step in her career. The studio offers services such as professional photo sessions, wedding photography, business and editorial photo shoots, as well as cosmetic services such as lash lifting and tinting, microblading, and professional makeup. Stop by the studio at 74 South 20th St. and let these wonderful ladies bring out your inner beauty!

Photos from the soft opening:

Mt. Lebanon Floral in “Style Me Pretty”!

We are excited to announce our latest publication on the front page of Style Me Pretty! The article “When a Victorian Garden Plays Backdrop to your Wedding…” features our work from the wedding of Caroline and Cary Kimmich that took place at The Frick Pittsburgh in June of 2016. A HUGE thank you to Joey Kennedy for the always beautiful photographs, as well as Caroline, Cary, and our friends at Style Me Pretty for the opportunity. Check out the feature by following the link:


A Truly Intrigued Experience

At the end of February, Carmel had the honor of participating in an event called “Intrigued Experience” in the Chesapeake Bay area. The premise of this event was to bring together floral designers from around the country and even the world to form a community of teaching, learning, and fresh inspiration. Carmel was blown away by the detail and planning that went in to creating this gathering of “flower people”, and loved the openness of the setting, which allowed artists and students to relax, hang out, and make lasting connections, like those with Katie of Ponderosa and Thyme, and Beth of Mayesh Wholesale. Carmel’s love of teaching was revitalized by the energy and enthusiasm of her classes, and was so pleased to see her floral belts worn at dinner by some of her students. To her, it was interesting to see the variety of results that can come from a group of people given the exact same materials. In her past life, Carmel has taught in locations around Pittsburgh, like Phipps Conservatory in Oakland, and hopes that this experience will get her refocused on sharing her expertise with others…a journey that will be taking her to the U.S. Virgin Islands for another conference this summer (more on that soon!). Here at Mt. Lebanon Floral, we cherish the opportunity to share floral beauty with anyone who walks through our doors, and we can’t thank Sara Campbell and her team enough for proliferating that idea with Intrigued Experience.

Johnny & Brock Tie the Knot

On October 1st, 2016 we celebrated the wedding of Carmel’s nephew, Johnny Doyle, and his husband, Brock Carp. The event was held at Oglebay Park in West Virginia, where Carmel’s family is rooted. Johnny and Brock are collectors, so we were able to use a lot of their own props for our designs. The pieces used had a primitive look, which complemented the natural, rustic theme of the venue. Included in Johnny’s collection is the arch that was decorated with garden roses, amaranthus, hydrangeas, and other foliage for the ceremony, which also appeared in the designs for the table settings and reception decor. Carmel was excited to be able to contribute her styling to this very special family event, and we could not be happier for the new couple as they begin the adventure of married life together.


“Beauty Blooms” Elegant Magazine Fashion Feature

Mt. Lebanon Floral had the honor of being featured in the November issue of Elegant Magazine for a photo shoot collaboration with our very favorite photographer Heather Tabacchi, featuring models Aubrey Borowitz and Heather Taylor. This outdoor shoot emphasized contrast between dark and light, using soft shades and textures in florals, lace elements, and cool natural vibes. A big thanks to all the collaborators in this shoot and to the editors of Elegant Magazine for helping us to share Mt. Lebanon Floral designs. 

The magazine is available for purchase or download here.



Intrigued Experience – Carmel reveals her secrets for creating floral costuming

This February, 94 designers from across the globe will come together for a sold out teaching convention called Intrigued Experience, which will take place in Chesapeake Bay, Maryland. Among them is our very own Carmel Vandale to demonstrate her own techniques for creating floral costuming. The three day session begins with an open forum in which examples of Carmel’s work will be modeled and she will discuss her creative process and how she was introduced to the world of costuming. The following days will be comprised of classes in which Carmel and the other featured designers will break down their techniques and guide attendees in the making of their own replications of a modeled piece. One of the things that will be highlighted in Carmel’s classes is the longevity and broad potential of each piece. Many of the designs used in photo shoots for Mt. Lebanon Floral have been able to be used in multiple shoots to accomplish a variety of looks and themes. The right materials will hold their beauty even as they age, which is something unique to this area of floral design. Carmel has been engineering floral costume pieces for years, and is excited to be able to share her mastery with others, as well as embrace the opportunity to see old friends in the business such as Francois, and make new connections with creatives like Magnolia Rouge. Designers grow from engaging with other designers, and Intrigued Experience is an excellent way to proliferate this concept.

For anyone not clear on what “floral costuming” entails, below are some images from recent shoots Mt. Lebanon Floral has done, featuring pieces that have been used in multiple shoots.




Bouquet of the Day with Jay

Mt. Lebanon Floral is always looking for opportunities to share what we love with others. Jay Lioon from VinoGlam reached out to us when she sent a beautifully decorated wine glass as a thank you for all the arrangements we had made for her from her husband over the years.  Jay and her husband met just down the street from us when they both worked at Il Pizziolo, so we feel a special connection to their love story. Wine is the way to our hearts, so we responded to Jay’s gift by inviting her to make her very own bouquet at the shop…and she rocked it! Jay chose a dark & moody theme for her arrangement, and we couldn’t be more proud of her natural skill in arranging. Thank you, Jay, for letting us be a part of your happily ever after. We loved meeting and working with you!

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2)

Check out Jay’s handpainted custom glassware at

Get “Wiggy” With It

In a new shoot with one of our favorite photographers, Veronica Varros, Mt. Lebanon Floral created fantasy headpieces to accompany fun wigs, and experiment with color and contrast. Friend and model Aubrey Borowitz exhibited her dynamic beauty in these two distinct stylings. The blue wig pops from under the bright orange tones of the florals, whereas an indian inspired vibe emanates from the soft, natural tones of the greens and pinks of the more extravagant headdress, tying into the lighter wig. For both looks Aubrey modeled her very own makeup designs.

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Into the Cosmos…

What started with a fabric swatch from our neighbors at The Fabric Place turned into one of Mt. Lebanon Floral’s most extraordinary shoots to date. Along with our photographer friend Heather Tabacchi and up and coming makeup artist Jesse Anne Churchfield, we were able to create a cosmic world that nods to the increasingly popular practice of Cosplay and the recent rebirth of the Star Wars saga. We had the pleasure of working with Cosplay model Sadie and Jen Lee, who brought the extravagant headpieces, stellar outfits, and vibrant wigs to life for an out-of-this-world photoshoot.

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